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New Gender Detection Technique

New Gender Detection Technique

It’s great to see how the world is advancing in the ways of health technology and for that matter how rapidly we are making these advancements. It gives us hope that the cure for HIV/AIDS is just around the corner, or the cure for Cancer is just a step away- but in these efforts we’re saving lives, how will this new gender detection technique help us if it destroys them?

Already we have seen the horrible out comes of ultra sound- that in itself was intended to check on the developing fetus, and assist doctors and nurses in regulating the health of the baby and mother.  But with the whims of man hovering in the background, it was used to selectively abort fetus’ based on their sex. 

This new technique may just prove to be unrealistically unfair to a whole generation of unborn girls if the government of countries such as India and China don’t put strict restrictions on its use and prevalence.