I began a blog many years ago, I called it ‘thoughts’: it was a reflection of who I was and what I was growing through.  This blog is about evolution: reflecting the person I’m becoming through the facts and realities that engross my life now.

There is one theme that grants me daily inspiration- women and girls who have overcome expectation and realized their own volition.  Bound to passion and inspired towards change, women have pushed the boundaries that had once left them mute, deformed and in a state of sheer helplessness.  

Despite disheartening statistics that place women at in the majority of victims of gender-based violence, armed conflict, and social, political and economic inequality, women have made substantial progress in the judicial and social constructs that once left them outside the gates of the city. 

Evolution of Thoughts is a hub of information to reflect the daily progression of women’s rights in every sphere of living that would have once kept them ‘in their rightful place’.  It is news, information, stories, legal cases, and words that reflect that evolution of women’s rights and analysis of greater realities. s


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