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Marriage is an Indian Girl’s ethos

In India, the Tender Trap’s a Vise –

An argument and position that is all too familiar to this writer!


Delhi women gun for arms licences – The Times of India

Delhi women gun for arms licences – The Times of India.

By filling out a short form and an almost non existent court processing fee of 5Rs. ($0.09 USD) an Indian can easily procure a new arms license.

To contrast, an individual looking to acquire a handgun license in the state of New York must personally appear and submit a signed application, with an application fee of $340.00, and an additional $91.50 for fingerprint fees.

What concerns me is that there no statistics or figures on the number of licensed firearms in India- which leads me to ask: 1. why have a licensing process and 2. will gun crime become too popular in India too soon?

Guns can give unempowered women confidence in the dark and dangerous Indian city streets, but will it cause unnecessary aggressive crime creating an air of vigilante justice that can usurp the power of the justice system and take lives of suspected criminals without warrant?